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As an entrepreneur who chases his dreams like you NATLUXMAG also spotlights some of Ron's experiences and disappointments as he shares stories of his pain and his triumphs to show that anyone can succeed.


Having been marginalized for years he knows firsthand there are so many people just like him who can offer great things to the world. Yet there are naysayers and people in power all wanting to keep dreamers in positions that don’t allow them to present their talents to the world. “Change is inevitable; it's going to happen with or without your approval." ~ Rachel R.H. 


NATLUXMAG is in sync with your dreams of spoiling yourself with precious things and indulging in whatever humors you. It is a concept we well understand. This is why we decided to dedicate the time to show you that dreams are real and do come true. And if you put the work in you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.


The best way to predict your future is to create it. "Ron realized a long time ago that when someone gives you something they can always take it away and in that context you always remain vulnerable to those who control you." Luxury is about loving & believing in yourself enough to follow your dreams.


To be an entrepreneur takes self-discipline. Click Ron's story book to see if you have what it takes to beat the Color Circles Game.

Believing In Lofty dreams


Ron Johnson is the founder of the Naturell ultra-exclusive luxury brand owner of NATLUXMAG "Trend Setters And Taste Makers." The world's first interactive all-encompassing self-empowerment digital bi-monthly magazine for dreamers.


Far from traditional NATLUXMAG is a free luxury lifestyle magazine that is obsessed with inspiring, empowering and motivating entrepreneurs to live the life of luxury defined by them by taking risks and pursuing their dreams with no excuses. NATLUXMAG was designed to highlight the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and provide positive productive content that caters to a multicultural audience of visionaries who drive and influence trends in culture and creativity.
"Things never change by fighting the existing reality." Our objective was to go against the grain and create a magazine that is independent, innovative and passionate about inspiring others to believe in themselves, by building a new model that make the existing models obsolete. NATLUXMAG chronicles lifestyle content, fashion, health, travel, real estate, philanthropy, politics, the arts, and the latest breaking news 24/7.

NATLUXMAG is a place where visionaries can have conversations that are free open and beyond the scrutiny of the rest of the world. To us nothing is more

precious than the stories of people who chase their dreams. Our motto is you don't have to already be famous to be featured in NATLUXMAG. Believing in

yourself and fighting to see your dreams become a reality is good enough for us.

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