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Let the challenge begin!


Ron Johnson, the charismatic architect behind the Naturell ultra-exclusive inter-mixable luxury cocktail brand a representation of perfection. Liquid art in a bottle signed by the artist, governing principle is if people drink they should drink the best or nothing at all. His goal is to change the way the world views and taste cocktails by making them simply unforgettable when it comes to Aroma, Taste, Smoothness, Variety, Excitement and Convenience.


Mixologists are welcome to sign up for the challenge. The goal is to craft a better cocktail than the one Ron Johnson pours from his ready-made bottle on the spot. Mixoligist will be allowed to use anyone of the many alcohol products and mixers at their disposal whereas Ron will be limited to Naturell, 1 brand, 50 blends that makes over 810 different intermixable luxury cocktails. Afterwards cocktails will be evaluated via blind taste test by an independent panel.


Should anyone succeed? They will have bragging rights and will be acknowledged in our online magazine “Trend Setters and Taste Makers™” Challengers must be associated to a bar, club, restaurant etc. 

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