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Ron, has always been a dreamer with entrepreneurial visions. As an adolescent he gained an unerring sense of style and a hunger for image while growing up in the hardnosed projects on the south side of Chicago. Recounting all the countless years of receiving hand-me-down attire that needed hope, prayer and serious modifications to make wearable he thought outside the proverbial box. Out of necessity with inspiration and motivation, he empowered himself and learned the art of street tailoring. Ron, says it was all about the first day of school and looking good for the girls.


After years of street tailoring to look presentable throughout his teens Ron, became somewhat of a professional without even learning to use a sewing machine. He did it all by hand, imagination, and his creative instinct. After becoming an engineer which afforded Ron, the luxury to buy the best. He found that the fashion world did not cater to his well-built body style. Needless to say Ron’s, Segway into the fashion world began from his countless late night tailoring sessions due to his unavailability for personal fittings due to his hectic work schedule.

Clothing is an art form that represent individuality. Fashion does not mean you have to be what you wear, dress it up or down to make it fit your style. Ron believes in making your own style statement. Today with his love of fashion coupled with his skills as a stylist and concept visionary, he is sharing his fashion sense and style through Ron Johnson Luxury Wears™ for women and Naturell Luxury Leisurewear's™ coming soon.


"FASHIONS FADE STYLE IS ETERNAL" Ron, sees everyone’s body as a canvas. His luxury and leisurewear’s are designed to enhance style-conscious individuals in an effort to make life exceptionally pleasant when it comes to fashion. To see how bad Ron, had it click his high school photo on the end below. 

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