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As a 6 year old growing up on the south side of Chicago Ron stood on a chair to get his toy car off the top of the fridge little did he know the chair was dangerous. It gave way, as he fell through it a screw ripped his leg open clear to the bone from the bottom of his leg all the way up to his knee. Years later recounting the incident and his dreams to build better furniture to a friend. Ron Johnson a designer, concept visionary, trend setter and tastemaker began designing and building furniture on a $1 bet with the very same friend who once told him he could never achieve such a dream.


As a designer and tastemaker Ron is busy developing the next generation of art furniture. The uniqueness of Ron’s art furniture comes from its non-traditional mediums and future-forward styles. A creative person at heart. Ron hit upon an idea that would not recreate existing furniture, but enhances and revitalize and take furniture to the next level.


Ron’s concepts are elegant, yet futuristic, which allows them to accommodate the needs and changing lifestyles of style- conscious individuals. As an artist, Ron specializes in creating state-of-the-art trend setting functional art furniture and designs to satisfy the most discriminating tastes. He uses his unique artistic insight to combine the best element of nature, which is water to create some of his unique designs that are aesthetic and therapeutic in their functional uses.


The Night-Life-Series™ consist of dining, coffee and patio tables, ceiling fans, lamps divans and wall art. Ron also designs and builds state-of-the-art high end kitchens and entertainment centers as well. Ron’s creations are tailored for both residential and or commercial / interior and exterior purposes. If you dare to be part of the future, do it with Ron Johnson. Coming soon Ron Johnson Design furniture gallery's offering limited edition works.

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