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Fighting For Our Children


This is Ron and his daughter, from the first day she was born he has been fighting for his custody rights. She was four years old the last time he saw her and it has now been over seven years. Let it be known that there is a large number of parents that love their children and want to have active rolls in their lives but for one reason of another their rights are being stripped away.


Over the years because of greed Ron have missed birthday’s school plays and countless other once in a lifetime moments he could never get back. During that time he has meet many men of all races, religions and background who all have one thing in common! And that is child custody right issues.


There are no federal or state laws that specifically protect the child custody rights of men. State laws technically are not supposed to give preferential treatment to women but they are often favored over fathers in child custody cases. The question is why? It’s almost as if the system is purposely trying to disrupt family values in the hope that more children end up in jail to aid in the prison industrial complex to support mass incarceration.


Family courts are supposed to make custody decisions based on the best interests of the children in the case and not necessarily the wishes of the parents which is not the case most of the time. Common sense is free when it comes to most things one would think. It is a fact that children's desires needs and interests are best served when they grow up loving equally, and equally loved by both their parents. Furthermore children benefit equally from the diversity of both mothers and fathers and from the maximum involvement of both parents.


Millions of men and women have silently suffered the loss of children they love and care for deeply as a result of misguided laws and family court practices, which systematically restrict a child’s access to one parent and half of their extended family. Both children and families deserve better than to be forced into an adversarial process with policies that encourage the minimization of one parent in the lives of their children. 


Seeing this problem is an epidemic, Ron has decided to let other parents know they are not alone and to encourage them to never give up no matter what they’re going through. Through dialogue NATLUXMAG’S goal is to help bring awareness and reform to a broken system when it comes to Child Custody Rights.


To help you find vital information on child custody and other family court issues NATLUXMAG has added links to Divorce Corp an organization who shines a bright light on the appalling waste, and shameless collusive practices seen daily in family courts.


See Divorce Corps website at See informational videos focused on family law reform on You Tube at


Divorce Corp also has a wiki site for people to share case law information about family law cases and information about various aspects of the divorce process and personal experiences. The site is called Familypedia, where anyone can browse or sign up to be a member if they wish to contribute content. See wiki site at

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