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Social Impact


“We believe that it is a responsibility for Natluxmag to seek to have a beneficial impact on the world around us.” —



Why We Engage in Social Impact Activities


Because each person can make a difference, we are inspired to work with social-sector organizations to have an effect on local communities and the world at large. Our primary objective is to make a tangible, lasting contribution to the world in which we live. We are firmly convinced that together we can achieve more than any of us could individually. We also find that the work challenges us intellectually, helps us develop professionally, and fulfills us personally.


What We Do


Effective Development Programs, LLC is a school concept founded in 2004 by Ron Johnson. It is an intentional, pro-social approach that engages youths in a manner that is productive and constructive; recognizes, utilizes, and enhances youths' strengths; and promotes positive outcomes for young people by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships and

furnishing the support needed to build on their leadership strengths. Effective Development Programs, LLC has its origins in the field of prevention. Having grown up on the rough streets of the south side of Chicago Ron determined that promoting positive asset building and considers young people as resources are critical strategies.


Young adults possessing a diverse set of protective factors can experience more positive outcomes. He states that resiliency is the key protective factor in a young person's environment. It could influence one's ability to overcome any adversity just as he did. 

Natluxmag also supports "Breaking Up Walls" an Arizona based charity that works with all groups to restore them to wholeness using art therapy, design, scholarships and community by applying our talents, expertise, and insights in the consulting services we provide to them.


We have personally seen the benefits in their Unity ARTS Projects that are the byproduct of the months of tenacious networking that the groups work through on the path to understanding each other's opinions. They do not try to change beliefs only share through art the similarities we all hold close and build upon them. We are pleased to know that our contributions helped support Autism 2 Amazing Alliance (10-18-08) Gracie's Feast (outreach to the homeless) Under the Bridge (homeless veterans) Pillow ART, mural-art, serenity gardens, prison tea parties, because all show that humans have a great need to belong and be understood.


The Governor Napoleano Award, in 2004 then Governor Napoleano choose and celebrated with 10 startup not for profit organizations to become recognized for furthering community empowerment within the inner streets of AZ. BUWS was given THE STREET SAINTS OF AZ. award $500.00 and recognized at a ceremonial dinner. Dr. Critchfield was also recognized in AZ Women as a top entrepreneur as a result of this honor.


The accomplishments that lead to this choice was the Palm Lane mural. A juvenile rendition created with 91 individuals in 2004 and 3 gangs who separately worked peacefully on the mural with youth ages 5-18. The lack of violence thus guaranteed an area of continual safety where previously police patrolled numerous times a day due to the gang issues.

A Word From The Founder


Breaking Up Walls began as a concept in October of 1997 and has turned into reality in the summer of 2004. After moving to Arizona from Oregon, I noticed concrete walls built to isolate and surround new and old developments, private and commercial buildings, residences, and landscaping. It occurred to me that these walls not only divide property but segregates us as well. The result for me was an unwavering commitment to create a process by which these negative obstructions would somehow form a positive statement. I call this process "Breaking Up Walls".


Breaking Up Walls gathers groups from schools, spiritual organizations, ethnic groups, neighborhoods anyone wanting to contribute their talents. These groups of individuals would join together to create a mural that reflects who they are and what they believe. Breaking Up Walls becomes the vehicle that not only brings art into a cityscape, but inspires people to break down their own walls!


Mission Statement: Breaking UP Walls is a national 501 C (3) nonprofit organization that connects diverse groups together using ART as their tool for reconciliation. Through a proven 5-step model dissimilar individuals are yoked bring unity to our nation.


Dr. Colette Critchfield Founder

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