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Arizona the home state of NATLUXMAG is a western state that makes up part of the Four Corners region in the United States, year after year people from all over the world come to our state for a vacation and many end up purchasing one of our luxury homes or they choose to live here during the winters and migrate back in the summers.

We have several beautiful towns that experience varying climates. The environment of this majestic state ranges from an arid desert climate to a lush and inviting wooded ecosystem. People choose to live in this area mostly because of the climate and relaxed life style.


Arizona is a popular and inspiring place to live in the United States and continues to enjoy a high rate of population and business growth. Many growing and affluent areas, such as Scottsdale, Paradise Valley are the destination of choice for the affluent. When it comes to Luxury Homes, Phoenix and the surrounding metropolitan area’s offers MORE luxury than you can Imagine. The state is known for spectacular views, over 400 golf courses, lakes, mountains, deserts and the city views.

Whether Arizona or Chicago, is the place for you there are many great realty professionals who are passionate about helping you discover the perfect home for your family. Why did Ron Johnson the founder of NATLUXMAG move to Arizona?


o   Over 300 days of sunshine per year


o   The unbelievable sunsets


o   85-degree average yearly temperature


o   Great dining, shopping, entertainment


o   Arizona has more than 400 golf courses to play, many are linked to a real estate community


o   Resorts are plentiful, surrounded by amazing mountains


o   Grand Canyon National Park, is a sight to behold!


o   Thousands of pools, lakes, and resorts to keep cool when the temperatures heat up


o   The central location – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Rocky Point


o   2 hours from Flagstaff – Snowboarding and skiing

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