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Ron has over 20 years’ experience as a designer and concept visionary. Areas of expertise but not limited to management, marketing, product development, specifically Naturell a new line of inter-mixable luxury rum and vodka cocktails and h20’s, Ron Johnson Designs custom art furniture, Ron Johnson Luxury Wears™ for women, Naturell Luxury Leisurewear™, NATLUXMAG digital self-empowerment magazine, Priceless Custom Cards™, certified electrician and operating engineer, founder of Effective Development Programs, LLC a school concept that is an intentional pro-social approach that engages youths in addition to previously holding an alcohol wholesale license in the state of Arizona.


Born in Illinois, Ron Johnson was raised on the south side of Chicago in the now infamous Altgeld Gardens Housing Projects - which were built using asbestos for insulation, and still to this day, has one of the densest concentrations of hazardous pollution in America. A decent grocery store was three separate bus rides away. The only things within walking distance were a wastewater treatment plant, landfills containing mountains of Chicago garbage, and a polluted river. As recent as October of 2009, it was described as “looking like a war zone”. Having survived the harsh environment of his childhood, the worst was still to come - the crime, drugs and gang warfare of his youth. Most families were fatherless. For young black males here, the future was bleak. There were very few ways out – sports, prison …or death! 


Determined to make something out of nothing, after graduating high school, he received the Certificate of Achievement in Operating Engineering and Electrical from the Chicago National Projects Construction Committee. Against the advice of others, having foresight Ron retired from local engineer’s union 150. Knowing that he had the blood of kings and queens flowing through his veins reinforced his decision to retire from a well-paying union job, which at the time was a black man’s dream. Ron states that “it was the hardest decision he ever had to make”. “In addition, he could never see himself retiring from his engineering job. “Who could I confide in, who could I trust? There was no one. I walked away on blind faith and I trusted myself”.


Ron would later explain that he had never known what it was like not to have because living in the projects insulated him from the outside world. He thought that it was the way of life for everyone. The one thing that altered his way of thinking was his dreams. The more he believed the clearer they became, the clearer they became, the more indomitable he grew. It was at that point that Ron realized his mind was being cultivated and that he was being led by a greater force.  


UNWAVERING and believing in his lofty dreams, Ron began developing his concepts and pursuing his entrepreneurial endeavors. Ron formed a multifaceted development company to oversee his creations. This was the pivotal point that set his life’s direction on a new course, he soon realized he would be on this life long journey alone without the support of those closest to him and would require great personal sacrifice to achieve is goals. Ron being a take no prisoner’s type, intuitively he knew to distances himself from the negativity of naysayers and dream busters. He knew deep in his heart to survive this journey he needed to remove all negative distractions and stay focused on the end result or as his grandmother would remind him from time to time of the proverbial saying “Keep your eyes on the prize”. 


From his early age life experiences with his grandmother (a political activist) she taught Ron the actions required to manifest mental concepts (dreams), into a physical form, would require unwavering faith, tenacity, finely tuned skills and personal sacrifice to overcome the many challenges and obstacles he would face on this long journey. She also helped him to understand if he took this path he would be without emotional or financial support from those that he thought he could rely. Even though it meant having to stand completely alone with his beliefs Ron has maintained the ability to keep his eyes on the prize.  


As a result Ron has received several accolades including a letter of recognition from Mr. Jesse White, Secretary of State of Illinois. The Chicago Defender has written articles about Ron as well as the Arizona Informant, Arizona Write Up, and the Arizona New Times in addition to MyTekLife Magazine. The Good Morning Arizona show also ran a segment on Ron’s furniture. In addition, his luxury cocktail brand won a bronze medal in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition in 2009 after competing against hundreds of well-known brands placing third behind an internationally known brand that’s been on the market since the 1860’s. And in 2013 he registered the “Naturell Challenge™”, a reality TV show concept with the Writers Guild of America.


Ron explains taking a dream into the physical can be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, draining and to be a great leader one must be able to take a reality self-check. After a failed attempt by the Arizona Dept. Of Liquor, to jail him on false charges in 01/23/14 to keep his alcohol brand from competing he took a brief hiatus after all the false charges were dismissed in 04/30/15. With the support of friends and family Ron went into stealth mode to reenergized, as he commented “I got me back” It’s a new day and a new me with a new plan. “Times, change we believe cocktails should too™ Just one taste and you will know why Naturell is the new taste of the future™” which is why Ron will not rest until the successful launch of the Naturell ultra-exclusive inter-mixable luxury cocktail Brand!


RON JOHNSON a modern day visionary and a true renaissance man is committed to success on the highest level. He is living proof of his motto “DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME OR NOT AT ALL”. He is a self-made entrepreneur who did it his way pursuing his dreams with no excuses. The future looks bright for Ron Johnson – as bright as a diamond!

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