Black Girls Rock


By Ron Johnson 08/01/2021: 


Black Girl Magic #BlackGirlMagic the movement that “celebrates the beauty, power, resilience and accomplishments of Black women around the world who have persevered, despite great adversity. The term Black Girl Magic when used illustrates the universal awesomeness of black women in general, in addition, to their essence, style and spirit which at times are hard to define.


Even with the Black Girl Magic movement Black women still don’t get the props they need. Many are branded as bitter and angry. I somewhat agree as I can attest to meeting a few Black women who were

bitter and angry. I can also attest to meeting Black women who are ambitious, loving, and compassionate despite insurmountable odds.


As a Black man growing up in Chicago I to was bitter and angry for the longest of times. So, trust me I know and understand why some Black women a bitter and angry. At times it seems unfair the hand that Black women were delt. But as the Queens they are overcoming obstacles seems to be nothing more than a day’s work.

Case and point having experienced multiple forms of exclusion in society, and often being erased. Black women are constantly told that they are not important, and with so many Black men locked away and countless others being uneducated. How can Black women find partners that will not only advocate for their importance, but also believe their narratives and defend them.


As a Black man, Black woman should not expect the brothers they date to know every issue they face; however, it is of most importance that Black men are willing to learn to take an interest in his woman’s identity. If not, there’s nothing to build relationship or businesswise.


In the United States, an astounding 17% of Black women are in the process of starting or running new businesses. In addition, August is Black Business Month, a designation to bring attention to Black-owned businesses in the United States. It’s important to let the world know who these Black women are.

it’s important that the world know who they are.


Imagine if Black men and Black women were on the same page and with society as a whole beginning to recognize the importance of the Black women’s role globally. “That would be immense Black power in the community and world at large.”


Black women who have been doubted and discounted for so long, mothers of civilization, who poses wisdom and knowledge it’s about time for the world to validate them. Black Girl Magic #BlackGirlMagic.