Ghost Town


By Ron Johnson 04/01/20: Once a flourishing country, has recently resulted in major cities becoming ghost towns as a result of the coronavirus better known as COVID-19.


Unlike other pandemics of the past, several countries and states have become restricted areas to help reduce contamination. I wonder does this refer to pets, just like people pets get sick too.


Now that store shelves and streets are abandoned what is the world to do? With fatality rates significantly rising from this epidemic, one wonders what the future holds. Like the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 and 1919 will this most recent pandemic wipe out communities?

Will there be jobs to go back to?

Will there be schools to go back to?

Will this virus wipe out the human race?

Will this virus help bring people to the realization that we are all the same?  As it has shown, this pandemic is does not give a damn about color. We are all in this together, it affects us all.

As panic sets in due to the economic decline that followed the outbreak of COVID-19, do we even know if there will be catastrophic environmental damage caused by long-term contamination? Does this new various effect wheat, grain and the produce we breed and eat like earlier coronaviruses strains did over the last 70 years? In which scientists found that the coronaviruses infected mice, rats, dogs, cats, turkeys, horses, pigs, and cattle. In addition to documenting sometimes, the animals transmitted the coronaviruses to humans. I ask because if so, why is this not being reported. Were told to isolate from other people what about man’s best friend?


With cases soaring out of control my question is why hasn’t the Environmental Protection Agency issued a nationwide mandatory lock down of America?


Do they even care? I ask because the President asked seniors who are the most susceptible to the virus to give up their lives because he wants to open the country for business as usual in a few weeks?


What makes a leader?


The values that are usually required in a leader are the following:




An effective leader is a person with a passion for a cause that is larger than they are. Someone with a dream and a vision that will better society, or at least, some portion of it. Think of people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs and their ideology and how they used that to create products to better mankind.


Holder of Values


Leadership implies values. A leader must have values that are life-giving to society. It is the only kind of leadership we need. This then also implies values that are embedded in respect for others. A great leader is someone who empowers people and creates a common belief shared in by all.




This is a bit different than passion, but in other ways it isn’t separable. If one doesn’t care about a subject, an issue, a system, then one won’t spend the time thinking about how it could or should be different. A great vision can enable many people to care about the end result and is linked to values also.




One has to try to think out of the box to have good visions and to come up with effective strategies that will help advance the vision.


When you look at what makes a great leader the current president of the United States fails miserably. As he is all about self-preservation.


As the President puts it; forget the American people. He’s not helping states that are run by people he dislikes he’s not giving hospitals what they need to do their job because as he puts, he’s smarter than the doctors and nurses. And while people are dropping like flies the President goes on live TV and states he wants church pews full of contaminated people sitting inches apart singing hymns and reading bible verses come Easter Sunday.


Even though common sense is free, I recognized that most don’t have any. With this deadly disease and contamination floating in the air who in the hell would be silly enough to go to bars, restaurants and churches knowing the COVID-19 is taking people out like a sniper.


It never ceases to amaze me how America always shows her true colors. One nation divided liberty and justice for some.


With the recent passing of the stimulus bill I say America the con is no better than Bernie Madoff the con. They shut poor people up by saying were going to give you $1200, pay that will last about a week or two. While the impoverished is busy spending their penny’s the people’s government gives their friends in big business who already make billions even more billions with kickbacks going to those who roam the halls of congress.


Once this pandemic pass if we as a country don’t get our act together America will become a ghost town.