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"KARMA” By Ron Johnson 05//01/23:


I am a loving soul who was put here to heal and help humanity. I leave you the memory of healing tails bringer of God’s unconditional love.


Resilient like the willow in strong wind I am. I bend but do not break. Because of my faith and blessings from God I believed in myself and followed my dreams even when no one else did.


Some thought they could steal my work, tarnish my name, and emasculate me.


When they realized they could not, the plan was to falsely jail and or end me.


There was only one problem. Per God’s request I am the chosen one.  


Above all when God created man, he said one thing don’t F’’’’ with Ron Johnson.


My vibration is astrophysical which is why they could not see me when I was hidden in plain sight. Those who came for me not knowing who I was judgment is here.


Sometimes, it takes almost no time at all for karma to come crashing down with one satisfying blow, and all who came against an Angelic Earth Angel will witness the wrath of God firsthand.


Warned time after time to walk away poor demonic souls thought they were above the law and God.


It’s important to note individuals are the co-creators of receiving karma based on intentions / actions. In this case it’s not what they did it’s who they did it to.


Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us. ~ Thomas Paine

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