This is our home!


By Ron Johnson 04/01/2021: “Some people talk about race in America but the people that are targeted like Blacks, Hispanics and now Asians are not include [in] the conversation… My question is why not?” 


Let’s keep it real, instead of realizing everything has a beginning including the evolution of humans, most white people know for a fact there would be not one Caucasian, a white person; of European origin roaming this place we call earth if not for people with golden brown skin.

Being supreme means just that. You or it is absolute. With this being the case and me being of sound mind body and soul I ask myself time after time why would someone who is supreme be afraid of losing, ground to races that are supposedly last than?

What if White people were slaves and other races gained substantial wealth by pillaging, killing and dehumanizing Caucasians to live in abondance off their free labor. What would America be?  


Would we have holidays based on lies, would the man who lied and said he discovered America be black? And what would Santa Clause look like would he be a fat jolly black man who liked chicken? And what would the underground railroad look like with a white lady packing a pistol and running through the woods to free Caucasians?


Being a critical thinker, I recognize the internalized reticence to engage in conversations about race and racism. Which is why the content of this article scratches the surface of racism in America, but the truth is unfortunately, many white people in this country are still terrified to admit to being racist. And most insist there is no race problem. While on the other hand People of color don’t need to be taught that racism exists — we live it every day. 365 day a year.


 There are those who say racism is the fact that ‘White’ means ‘normal’ and that anything else is different. This ideology leaves my dumfounded.


#BlackLivesMatter doesn’t suggest that other lives don’t — it’s about making sure that black lives do.


#HispanicLives Matter doesn’t suggest that other lives don’t — it’s about making sure that hispanic lives do.


#AsianLivesMatter doesn’t suggest that other lives don’t — it’s about making sure that asians lives do because This is our home!