Field of Dreams


By Ron Johnson 02/01/20: Field of dreams represent a state of mind that is ready to be populated with new information. It allows you ready access to engage in activities big and small at the same time. Some dreams turn into business big and small which makes the world go around something that is not easy when you think about how all day long, we are bombarded with bullshit. 


We are surrounded by people arguing, on screen, over the airwaves at home and at work. It’s like living in a land that constantly keeps us focused on negativity. Surrounded by all this noise and conflict, you’d think that was the most important thing.


It’s not.


Were taught to go to school get educated on how to work for other people and makes just enough money to feed, clothe, and house ourselves. We’re not taught to follow our dreams or to pursue business endeavors. 

When one person breaks from the heard to pursue a passion most everyone takes them granted for having the gull to think outside the box. “What you, want to start a business you can’t do that your told, over and over and over.”


Why not you say?


You explain your concept time after time, but they don’t get because they can’t and never will understand that business is, at its most basic, one person (or a company run by people) providing something that someone else is willing to pay for. That’s pretty much it.


You’re a person with morals and deep values. You understand that you don’t have to become a giant corporation or a “greedy capitalists.” What’s import to you is the continual identification of what your customers want and figuring out how to give it to them while still making a profit.


Business is certainly not boring to you, because you love it like its a wife, husband or child because you came up with the idea, and then spent the next weeks, months, and years bringing it to life. This happened because the field of dreams that allowed you to visualize and trust in yourself has also opened your eye to the business that is all around us. It allowed you to understand that business is how things get done. It also allowed you a get it business is the store where you buy food, the gym you go to two times a week, the pet groomer you hire, the daycare center that takes care of your kids during the day, the place where you bought your car and then later get it repaired.


It also allowed you to realize that business adds value to the world and because you actually took the time to create something from nothing you to have a successful business.


Bravo to all brave business people. I salute you. One never knows what lies in the Field of Dreams.