Obstacles Don't Stop You, You Do


Natluxmag is committed to you having the life of luxury as defined by you, by taking risk and pursuing your dreams and passions with no excuses. However we’ve noticed that some people expect this process to be easy. Achievable and easy aren’t the same thing. Most people will quickly abandon their dreams because they become overwhelmed by the process.


More often than not, the ability to reach your goals comes down to answering a few simple questions. How badly do you want your dream to come to fruition? Do you want it enough to face and overcome each obstacle? Are you willing to accept sacrifices you’ll have to make? We know the seemingly impossible can become a reality because when people want their dream so much they’d endure any hardship to get it.


Our purpose is to inspire you to reach your goals, not become paralyzed by obstacles, and to not give up when it gets difficult. If you find yourself tempted to give up because of obstacles don't. When you get stuck and aren’t sure what to do next ask yourself, “What is the next action step?” Until you reach your goal there is always “a next action step.” And leave room for adjustments.


Why You Should Be Preparing


By Chris Willett 09/01/20: I'll be honest, this is a tough one. There are many, reasonable and logical reasons to be prepping for a disaster. When I say disaster, it could mean a number of things. You could be affected by hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods and even droughts. All-natural disasters. Or manmade disasters like dirty bombs, pandemics, EMP (electromagnetic pulse), nuclear bombs or martial law. Any one of these disasters could happen at any moment, and I hate to say it, but 90% of people are not prepared.


Every time a disaster like a hurricane or snow storm hits the East Coast for example, there are hundreds of thousands of people affected and most of them are relying on the government and Fema to help them because they have nothing prepared for any kind of disaster.


I know the human race takes their day to day living for granted, and we think we are in control. We think our families are safe, however, we are sadly mistaken. Shouldn't we be making sure that our families are protected no matter the circumstance? We have had plenty of time to do it, but it is always too late. And relying on the government to help is probably the worst thing you could do.


As I am writing this, we are very close to going to war with Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and a couple other 3rd world countries. It will not be pretty, and it could very well happen on U.S. soil. We are also on the verge of civil unrest or a revolution, and the U.S. government is preparing for it. Within the last year they have bought almost 3 BILLION rounds of ammo for DOMESTIC USE! They are gearing up for Martial Law. They have been training right in front of our eyes in places like Miami, Chicago, and St. Louis and most of us are blind to it and salute them as they go by with their tanks, like civilians did in St. Louis. Now they are trying to take away our guns and ammo, why would they want to disarm American citizens? Chicago has a gun ban throughout the whole city and they have the highest murder rate in America. They don't want to take away our guns to keep us safe, they want to disarm us so we cannot overthrow the tyranny like we did in 1776.


They have empty prisons (FEMA Camps) with armed guards right now across America, over 800 Fema Camps nationwide. A lot of empty prisons, just waiting to be filled up. This is no joke and it is going to happen whether you want it to or not, whether you believe it or not. You WILL believe it when they put you in one of these prisons, with no due process, no trial, no phone call, nothing. And they can legally do it with the bill Obama signed called "NDAA" National Defense Authorization Act. Think about this, why would the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or the Social Security Administration be purchasing almost 200,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 different locations across the country? If they are all preparing for obvious domestic altercations, I think we all should as well. Article source: http://articlebiz.com