Obstacles Don't Stop You, You Do


Natluxmag is committed to you having the life of luxury as defined by you, by taking risk and pursuing your dreams and passions with no excuses. However we’ve noticed that some people expect this process to be easy. Achievable and easy aren’t the same thing. Most people will quickly abandon their dreams because they become overwhelmed by the process.


More often than not, the ability to reach your goals comes down to answering a few simple questions. How badly do you want your dream to come to fruition? Do you want it enough to face and overcome each obstacle? Are you willing to accept sacrifices you’ll have to make? We know the seemingly impossible can become a reality because when people want their dream so much they’d endure any hardship to get it.


Our purpose is to inspire you to reach your goals, not become paralyzed by obstacles, and to not give up when it gets difficult. If you find yourself tempted to give up because of obstacles don't. When you get stuck and aren’t sure what to do next ask yourself, “What is the next action step?” Until you reach your goal there is always “a next action step.” And leave room for adjustments.


Authenticity and Honesty 

By Matthew Ferry 10/01/22: A lot of people ask me why the law of attraction doesn't work for them. I've investigated this a lot, not only in my own personal life with all of my own experimentation, but I've also investigated it with thousands and thousands of other coaching clients, where I'm working with them one on one, and they're saying, "Matthew, why is it that I want this, but I keep getting that?" 


What they want is usually success, and what they keep getting is failure. And what it comes down to is probably the most breakthrough ideas that I've come across. 


It's called the fundamental misperception. So, consider this. Years ago, you accepted false conclusions as correct. You began to live your life as if those warped ideas about your potential were true. And you completely killed off the experiment called life and you started to live within a hallucinated set of boundaries, boundaries that don't even exist. 


Now what happens is you will only manifest and create within those boundaries, and so your goals and dreams are outside of the boundary. But you keep coming up against this lid, this invisible barrier, and the invisible barrier is a foundational belief that you have about yourself that is not true. Fundamental misperception. 


For example, no matter how smart you get, you feel stupid. Other people have this feeling like they're ugly, so they try to be glamorous and look good and show the world how beautiful and amazing and wonderful they are. Yet no matter how much stuff they have, no matter how much they do with themselves, they still feel ugly. These are the people who get addicted to doing plastic surgery and getting a new wardrobe and shopping and all of that. 


I want to help you get away from this and avoid it. By being aware of this, you become flexible. The flexibility reveals new options, and those options give you power. The power to create your own life. Article source: https://articlebiz.com