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Luxury Infusions


Times change we believe cocktails should too! This is why Naturell ultra-exclusive interactive luxury cocktails are "the new taste of the future™", just one taste and you will know why.  


They are the world's first of their kind a brilliant concept that puts the power to be your own cocktail mixologist in your hands. They are beyond compare when it comes to Aroma, Taste, Smoothness, Variety, Excitement and Convenience, this is why there backed by the best guarantee in the industry. If you are not satisfied for any of the above highlighted reasons we will give a 150% refund. Imagine an exclusive luxury cocktail brand designed with you in mind.


Far from traditional Naturell ultra-exclusive luxury cocktails defies simple labels. They are a cut above the rest. They are made in America, and created for the world because luxury has no boundaries! Investing a little time and money in the exclusive collection is surely worth it any day.

The Medal


With our progressive ideas the world has taken notice. In 2009 the Naturell luxury brand competed and won a bronze medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition. This was an exceptional win considering Naturell, competed against hundreds of well-known brands placing third behind an internationally known brand that’s been on the market since the 1860’s.


Being a part of a renowned event and wining a bronze medal against some of the world’s top alcohol brands was a humbling experience. We would like to thanks the judges for the nod.

The Naturell Challenge


The Naturell Challenge™ was created and registered with the Writers Guild of America by Ron Johnson, after years of experiencing pathological patterns of institutional racism when the Arizona Dept. Of Liquor tried to snatch his dreams away by vilifying and falsely jailing him in a failed effort to destroy his name to keep his award winning one of a kind luxury alcohol brand from competing.


The Naturell Challenge™ is a friendly competition open to professional mixologists who feel their skills are first-rate when it comes to mixology. The challenge: craft a better version of the ultra-exclusive interactive ready-made luxury cocktail flavor/profile Ron pours from one of his bottle on the spot. Should any one succeeds? They will have bragging rights and be acknowledged in the NATLUXMAG online Magazine “Trend Setters and Taste Makers™.”

Total Control


Llerutan Distributing is an emerging master liquor distribution company formed to ensure 100% satisfaction. We are passionate about the Naturell ultra-exclusive interactive luxury cocktail brand. We are protective of its mark and what is being done with it. Our governing principle is if people are going to drink they should drink the best or nothing at all.


Reputation is everything to us. This is why against years of political oppression we still elected to work independently. We are not influenced by any obligations to any wholesaler, retailer, spirit providers or any governing agencies. Our business model focuses solely on the Naturell portfolio.


We value the relationships with our selected partners who all have our personal guarantee when it comes to providing unwavering brand support. Times change we believe cocktail should too™. This is why Naturell is the new taste of the future™. To get the full story click read more.

Priceless Custom Cards


When it comes to that special person or occasion step up your card game and make a noticeable statement with a Priceless Custom Card™.


When you give one of our personalized custom cards your special message is shared by both you and the person who receives the card. Priceless Custom Cards™ are irreplaceable and discretely created to capture your special moments.  


Every Priceless Custom Card™ is made to order.  When it comes to creating one of our luxury cards for a special person or occasion it can be simple yet elegant and over the top when personalized with your text and image. 


Johnson & Johnson Consulting, LLC


Johnson & Johnson Consulting, LLC is a new age small business marketing company that specializ in variable print pieces and video ads.


We understand the success of your business depends on encouraging engagement and nothing draws visitors in like attractive print pieces and video ads displaying your message which is vital in today’s marketing plans to connect with consumers, engage with them and convert them into paying customers.

SugaBo™ Luxury Love Brand 


The “SugaBo” brand was started to fill a void, evoke emotions and create sensory experiences, while exhibiting admirable human qualities which is what distinguishes the brand from the rest.


Starting in spring of 2020 the “SugaBo” love brand aims to bridge the gap between cultures and unique individuals by thriving on love. Our focus is to provide unique outlets for the “SugaBo” brand with exclusive styles for men and women. We offer a wide range from T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Caps, Shorts, Sportswear and more.


“SugaBo” is not just another brand, it’s your one stop shop for exclusive luxury love wear. When you rock the “SugaBo” brand your letting the world know your boo’d up.

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